Friday, January 28, 2011

Kid Who Ran for President


By:Dan Gutman Title:The Kid That Ran For President
The Kid That Ran For President is a good book about a kid named Judson Moon and his friend Lane Brainard. Thier plan is to run for the President os the united states and he got this one lady that used to be his baby sitter to be his running mate. He got this one girl at his school thats a model in magazines and shes going to be his first lady.Right now they need Twenty Million dollars to campaign. My faverite part is when his old baby sitter said that she was going to tell him he's been on his parents. I remember when my baby sitter said i had to come on her porch and sit with her.

From Kid Who Ran for President


  1. I like this diary entry because it is very creative and fun to read!

  2. I created Judd's Diary Entry because it's a very good book. My project talks about Judd's life and his family, it also talks about what happens in his life every day!!!That's why I made this project.
    By: Cheyanne

  3. Hello my name is PAul and I admire this diary entry because it shows what and why he ran for president.